Background of Club

The Camdonia Sports Club is a Vincentia non-profit institution founded approximately twenty-five years (25yrs) ago and is run on a voluntary basis by

Mr. Keith “Mamadilla” Ollivierre a former national player, teacher and presently coach of the club.

During the club’s history, it has done through several names. Initially, the club was called “Youth Strikers” and was then organized and ran by a teacher at the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School Mr. Telesford. The component of the team at that time was players from the above mentioned school and a few schools from Kingstown.

The team took part in several competitions and performed extremely well. After time past, Mr. Telesford migrated and the team after a while became part of a community group called “Campden Park Progressive Organisation” (C.P.O.). at that time some of the members had already departed, but the core still remained. After Keith entered secondary school and became a member of the Intersecondary School team “Intercol” coached by former national player Tyrone “tweety” Spence, the club youth strikers was still up and running and was becoming a force to be reckon with especially in the South Leeward Competition. The persons in charge at that time were Deniston “Smokey” Alexander and Dean “Chinnyman” May.

After the dismantling of the combined team “Intercol”, Keith rejoined the club and at that time was just entering his peak, playing for the National Team and one of the big Clubs in Kingstown, Roseans, and was again an integral part in reshaping the team.

After a while several new players joined the team and there was a general consensus to change the name of the team. The person in charge of things at that time were Roland Small, Allan Alexander and Keith Ollivierre. The new name “Chelsea” was first given by Bernard “Pa” Alexander and was agreed upon by the rest of the persons present. So from then forth, the team was referred to the “Chelsea Football Team” and in some cases was regarded by media personnel as the “family team” because of its composition. After the name change, the team was becoming a strong force to be reckon with, winning its first big championship, that is the South Leeward Football title around 1995.

In the next two years, Chelsea was a household name and chalked up a large following. In representation, the team was in the fore front, representing south Leeward in every major tournaments organized by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football federation (SVGFA).

After winning the championship in 1995, the club did not look back, it went on to retain the title in 19996 was the reigning champions right up to 2001. During the 1997 and 1998 season, the club went unbeatable in the South Leeward Championship.

Around 1197, there as much talk about the formation of “Clubs” and teams should reorganize themselves into clubs. The Chelsea Football Team was already working along that line with the establishment of players contract and working on the formation of a constitution.

During the 1998 season, the word ‘team” was replace with “Club” and it was around that time the club had its greatest successes ever. After winning the both the League and knockout titles in the south Leeward championship, it was crown the “National Club Champions’ going through both tournaments unbeatable and was scheduled to take part in the Caribbean Club Championship in Trinidad and Tobago. In the Caribbean Club Championship, the club was humiliated by “Courts Caledonia” with Vincentia born midfielder Kendol “Ken - I” Velox 13 - 0. This was a result of injuries to key players before, on their way and during the game in Trinidad. On its way to Trinidad and Tobago, the club journeyed to Grenada for a warm-up game against High Park and was during that game Roland small was added to the injury list with the already Keith Ollivierre sitting on the bench. Anyhow, the club managed to draw the game(1 - 1).

Upon its returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, several humiliated remarks leveled against the team. On one sports program, one caller , Fitz-Gerald Bramble, lamented that he can name five other teams that would have gone to Trinidad and came out with a better result. Anyhow, the 1999 National Club Championship got started and once again, Chelsea was there representing South Leeward and competing against the said five teams that could of gone to TnT and gave a better showing. At the end of the championship a lot of persons had to put their hands in their mouths because once again, Chelsea was unbeatable and was the 1999 Club Champions. At the end of the day, we had to right a letter to the Federation (letter was done by Justin Smith) demanding our prize monies and trophies which up to today we are still waiting on.

By the beginning of the new millennium, the club had gone through several changes. Members were reluctant to train, commitment was absent, social life was at its peak for some members, players began behaving childish, and over-confident attitude are some of the many problems. Hence , the club’s performance on the field of play declined considerably ,however , was able to reign the south Leeward Championship it lost in 2002.


During the initial stages of the club, members were asked to contribute to the purchasing of uniforms. There was one instance where we had to burrow some uniforms from the club “Roseans” in order to take part in a championship at the Buccament Bay Playing field. At one time, it introduces the ‘subscription policy’,

But it did not last.

At another point, the monies won were used to purchase uniforms. Eventually , the club secure assistance through Roland small from Mr. John Horne, the political representative for West Kingstown. His assistance was a blessing in disguise and continues up to 2003.


The club during its period of existence benefited from the membership of numerous individuals from West Kingstown and south Leeward. Before the development of the Youth Section, it boasted approximately thirty players.

With the club climbed to National recognition and a Mentor to South Leeward Youths, on its record, had about sixty members.


From a single team of about twenty players, the club developed and presently has three (3) teams: A Premier, First Division, U-17.


The Chelsea football Club over the past twelve years, claimed the South Leeward title on eight (8) occasion, that is , from 1995 - 2001 and 2003. It did not take part in the 2004 - 05 season because of commitment in the National Club Championship.

It was the National Club Champions in 1998 and 1999.

Presently it controls the South Leeward Youth Football Academy from which one youth, Harvey Derrick was selected from and sent on an attachment to Italy at Cagliari F.C.


Due to the close proximity of members, information regarding practice , games and meetings were communicated verbally and in some instances the telephone. The club issue its first flyer on 01July 2003.

Team Colours

When the team first started, its colours were yellow and black, then green and white. It later adopted blue and white as the club’s colours.


The club which is now referred to as ‘Camdonia - Chelsea’, is still restructuring due to the fact that there wasn’t any Club Championship in 2005, most of the players went and played for different teams in different leagues. Therefore, the club has to re-organized for the 2006 south Leeward Championship scheduled for early February.

Membership over the past twelve years

Past Members

Alexander Allan Collis Shawn

Alexander Bernard Caruth Java

Alexander Jason Dennie Christopher

Alexander Quasy Da Silver Phil

Adams Royron Edwards Chris

Alexander Wayne Findlay Keon

Alexander Grayson Forde Asher

Ash Ortis Federick Pete

Blake Devon George Calvert

Browne Othniel Haywood Ramon

Baker Joe Henry Joel

Baker Marthie Hypolitte Kegus

Bradshaw Steve Hypolitte Jamal

Cordice Ralson Hinds Doddley

Charles Sherwin Jack Rayvon

Charles Hansel Jackson Oniel

Charles Kendol Jackson Jason

Crooke Elmore Joseph Kaz

Jack Synmon Young Denniston

James Gilbert

Keizer Rohan

Layne Anthony

McBurnette Winston

Miller Joel

Nero Junior

Neptune Kamari

Nero Lambert

Ollivierre Timothy

Ottley Oswin

Phillips Benton

Providence Rudolph

Phillips Atiba

Providence Theron

Providence Elton

Patterson Gary

Pierre Alford

Robinson Alric

Smith Justin

Stephens Clive

Sam Brian

Springer Christopher

Spring Tylon

Scott Junior

Small Rueben

Williams Cameron

Williams Fraset

Wardrope Devon

Presently the club is in its restructing stage.














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